Well, what a week this has been.

After a full week of Bikram Yoga last week, I was back in the gym the gym this week. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I worked out using moderate intensities (8-10 reps) 3 working sets, often combining two movements per exercise, such as lunge with dumbbell shoulder press or Cable deadlift with row.

Wednesday, I was on the road presenting, “The Swiss Ball Approach to Swiss Ball Training”, at Virgin Active Barbican in the morning and Virgin Active Canary Riverside in the afternoon. It was very interesting to go back to clubs that I use to work in 10 years ago. The attendees were great and showed a great attitude towards learning and seemed to enjoy the workshop, I certainly did.

Today, I finished the week by attending a workshop at The Apple Store for a workshop along with my P.A. Leanne. We lean red a few tricks that will help us improve efficiency and the way we arrange our incoming emails.

I also finished the week with another Bikram Yoga class and it was the first time I competed the class without the heat making me feel dizzy.

Oh, and in between all that, I also made time for my lovely clients including one new one.

Have a great weekend everyone!