I am often asked what do I do.

I normally answer based on the types of people I help, such as injury rehabilitation, weight loss, chronic fatigue etc, rather than list my qualifications.

However, it normally doesn’t take long before I’m asked questions like, “So you’re a physio?”, or “So you’re a nutritionist?” or “So you’re a personal trainer?” yet, I am none of those things.

Over the next few posts, I will post blogs that explain each of the techniques (or qualifications) I use.

I will be posting blogs on:

  • What is a CHEK Practitioner?
  • What is a CHEK Holistic LIfestyle Coach?
  • What is a Metabolic Typing® Advisor?
  • What is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist®?
  • What is a Sports Massage Therapist?

Once I have completed my qualification in Active Release Technique® in September, I will also post a blog on that too!

So stayed tuned until next time…