This Sunday, Leanne and I attended the ‘MANE Chance Sanctuary‘ Charity Event organised by Jenny Seagrove, held at The Albany Club.

A number of Jenny’s celebrity friends from the world of entertainment were in attendance, including Marty Pellow (Wet, Wet, Wet), Michelle Collins (East Enders and Corrie), Michael Barrymore (Allwight), Robert Duncan (Drop the Dead Donkey), James Roache (Corrie), Hayley McQueen (Sky Sports) and Jenny’s husband Bill Kenwright (Legendary Theatre Producer).

At the event, I was giving the guests 30 minute sports massage sessions and encouraging them to part with more cash for the good cause.

I particularly enjoyed meeting Shirley Anne Field (legendary film actress), Frazer Hines (Emmerdale Farm and Doctor Who), Jasmyn Banks (East Enders), Verity Roache (Designer) and Barry ‘Silky’ Silkman (football agent).

A particularly funny part of the evening was when my sister’s friend Jayne, was photographed by a photographer, thinking she was a celeb!!! Good job it wasn’t Leanne, she’d still be blushing now.

All in all, a good time was had by all and more importantly, vital funds were raised for a great cause.

Any one wishing to donate to a great cause, can do so, by clicking here.