After 17 great months, Leanne has finally decided to move on.

Leanne has been a great help to me over the last year and a half or so. Especially, freeing up my time to be able to finish my e-book, “Axe Adult Acne” and to complete a very large project for The CHEK Institute.

It’s been really great having someone to run my diary, take booking and payments, take all my phone calls and deal with the hundreds of emails I receive on a daily basis. I would not only like to thank Leanne for all her hard work, but for also putting up with my (bad) jokes and mickey taking.

Leanne's Leaving Do 08_13Last Friday, we had a send off for Leanne at The Queen’s Head & Artichoke. The food is really great and I have to say, I had the tastiest steak I’ve ever tasted. We had a really good time and it is only starting to dawn on me how much Leanne will be missed now I am doing everything.

Leanne will be working for the manager of a gym based at Letchworth Tennis Club in Hertfordshire, doing administrative work and massage. I wish her well in her future career and am sure she’ll go from strength to strength.

Thanks again Leanne, you will be missed!