Following my Top 5 Successes, one of the people I asked to share theirs was my friend and teacher Paul Chek. An amazing man who I regard with the highest respect and as a living legend. The word genius is very over-used, but in my view Paul is a genius (he would probably disagree).

Anyhow here are Paul’s Top 5 Successes :

1. Realising my legacy at age 12.
2. The birth of my son, Paul Chek Jr. (September 10, 1979)
3. Finding Penny Crozier, my Soul-Mate (10 years ago)
4. Seeing and feeling the changes my work as an expression of my love have made
__ in the lives of other people around the world.
5. Knowing who I really am so that I may lead others to that same Self-Realisation.

Thanks to Paul for sharing his successes! Why not write your own? It’s a great way to help you feel grateful for what you have achieved and what you have in your life. Until next time.