Today was the official launch of the new BodyCHEK Website.

It has been a long time coming, but the website is now a lot easier to navigate around and explains in much clearer terms about how to achieve optimal health and performance. It is more interactive with a complimentary on-line Weight Loss course and the new monthly BodyNEWS e-newsletter packed with cutting news on health and wellness.

The Resources section is great too, with a number of articles written by myself as well as a list of the greatest books written on health, wellness and performance. You can buy the books direct from the website. Just click on any book that takes your fancy and it takes you to another page where you can buy it. I have read every single book on the list. I can guarantee you they will all help you towards health and happiness.

There are also a number of great weblinks where you will find some of the worlds leading experts in their field, such as Paul Chek (, William Wolcott ( and Dr. Joseph Mercola ( just to name a few. If you’ve not seen ‘The Secret’ yet, it is a must see film!!! I’ve watched it over 30 times! There is a link to ‘The Secret’ website too. But, I can’t tell you what it’s about, because it’s a secret. Well actually, it’s about the universal law of attraction, but that’s all I’m gonna tell yuh.

Also, you can source some great exercise tools from the link to the Physio Supplies company. Everything you need to use in a corrective exercise programme can be purchased there.

Well that’s enough about the website. If you are serious and health, wellness and performance I urge you to check it out by clicking one of the BodyCHEK icons at the top- left of the page.

Before I go, I have to give massive thanks to Lea Woodward who helped me put the website together. Not only did she work tirelessly to launch it on time, but her input and marketing knowledge was invaluable to me. Her ability to turn very complex subjects and techniques into easily understandable wording has been priceless. I’m sure you’ll agree the graphics are pleasing to the eye too. Also, Lea managed do all this at a very competitive price. If anyone would like a website designed by Lea, check out her website

Have a great week!