On Wednesday of this week I attended the BodyTalk presentation by it’s founder Dr. John Veltheim at The University of Westminster.


Despite being a BodyTalk Practitioner for 2 and a half years I had not seen him present before. I had heard a lot about his presentation style and dry Australian sense of humour.

I was not disappointed and he explained The BodyTalk System in such a way that anyone could understand. He also gave very scientific explanations of why it worked, particularly on function of the brain and its Amygdala. Some of the examples of clients he has worked with were quite amazing.

John also explained how he would like every one in the world to perform the Cortices balancing procedure every day and make it part of their everyday routine, straight after brushing their teeth. (I hope to show you how to do this in a future blog). John said that ‘tapping out’ the Cortices each day will help to slowly eliminate the internal struggles that we all have in our brains and lead to a dramatic improvement in people’s health and dramatically reduce world conflict.

The presentation has certainly persuaded me to use BodyTalk more frequently in my practise.