Last month a great article appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was entitled, “From Sick Care to Health Care — Reengineering Prevention into the U.S. System“. It explained how the current health systems in the USA and the rest of the western world are ineffective and unsustainable.

It was extremely well written explaining how the current monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry over our choices of health care are more for profit than for helping the population achieve health. I went on to say how prevention should be the aim rather than pharmaceutical treatments and that the current medical staff will require re-training in preventative measures instead of just symptom care.

The article was in many ways very similar to a series of blogs I wrote a number of years ago entitled, “NHS – National Health Service or National Health Scam“.  Admittedly, the New England Journal is written much better than my blogs, but the message is pretty much the same. Currently, you can not obtain health from the medical community. You can only achieve health by the choices you make every day. I sugest you take a few minutes to review the NEJM article and my series of blogs.