Last week I received a testimonial from a client that I helped this year with debilitating IBS.

Here it is:

Tag Line “Leigh is the answer to all your problems”

Leigh was recommend to me by my good friend and boss.

I had suffered with daily debilitating IBS-D for 19 years.  Walking to and from work took somewhere in the region of 1.5-2 hours (should be 45 minutes) as I was having to stop at various toilets along the way.  I  had seen many doctors and specialists over the years but the only solution I was ever given was to quit work or take Imodium every day.  Obviously quitting work wasn’t the answer so I ended up taking approximately 5 Imodium every day.   Then I met Leigh.  Boy did he make an immediate impact on me.  After a thorough review of my medical history he was confident he could help me.  Nobody had said that to me in 19 years.  After various straightforward tests and the MT Typing I was diagnosed as having severe food intolerances and allergies.   I ate according to my metabolic type and cut out all the foods I was sensitive to.  And within 3 months I was feeling brand new.  My skin cleared up, I lost weight and had much more energy.  I CAN NOT RECOMMEND LEIGH HIGHLY ENOUGH.  If you have IBS and really want to get better and are willing to change your diet go and see LEIGH.

Again, similar to the email I received last week, it is so rewarding to be able to help someone to get their life back. IBS can be totally debilitating and completely take your freedom away. Now my client is able to do what she wants when she wants, without worrying where the toilets will be and how much pain she’ll be in. All she needs to do now is eat the right things and she has a totally normal life again.