This weekend I was back at CHEK Europe HQ in Mawdesley, Lancashire to deliver the Year 2 Academy’s Anatomy & Physiology Workshop.

Students came from Germany, The Netherlands, Essex, Southampton, Preston, Newcastle and two guys from the local area.

We reviewed all the basic physiology that is required in advance of CHEK Practitioner Level 1. We also reviewed the major muscles and their attachment sites and actions that are essential prior to completing CHEK Practitioner Level 1.

We covered physiology on day one, including the nervous system, the hormonal system, the cardiorespiratory system, the digestive system, energy systems and muscle fibre types. We also reviewed how these systems affect exercise program design. On day two we covered anatomy and biomechanics and we finished with a quick-fire team quiz, which was closely contended (with a strong weighting on the last two questions).

A good time was had by all and the students are now looking forward to their next workshop in 2013.

Yesterday, I took the day off (after working 7 straight days) and after getting my extremely dirty car cleaned, I spent most of the day mixing funky-soulful house tunes.