If you read my previous post will will be aware that I was in Southern California for 10 days in June. I fortunately managed to get on the plane and armed with my lumbar roll, the flight was quite comfortable. Five movies later I landed at LAX airport and I actually felt quite refreshed.

The main purpose for the trip was to attend a meeting with the rest of The CHEK Institute Faculty to review and update the content of the  advanced training programs and to learn the latest techniques that Paul Chek has been developing and working on.

We also took time to prepare ourselves each day with a variety of activities.

CHEK Faculty Meeting 2013(2)Here you see the class listening to Paul explaining a concept to us. The classroom was in a tent along side the garage to Paul’s office (that he calls heaven). As you’ll see from the photos below, the views are so stunning, it definitely is a heaven on earth!

Part of the week was dedicated towards ensuring that the message we are teaching to our students is the same one regardless of the teacher. This was a very important part of the meeting.

The venue was amazing, the food was amazing and the temperatures were around the 38° Celsius mark. It was the first time I had been so sweaty in a class that I was struggling to keep a hold of my pencil. By the end of the week, it was so hot I was walking around with a ice pack on my head to help cool me down.

CHEK Faculty Meeting 2013Here you can see us reviewing the course manuals on the penultimate day of the meeting. It was a very worthwhile and satisfying process.

One of the exercises we performed to help us warm-up for the day was native american drumming. Below you can see us just about to start a drumming session. The drumming was something that I took to immediately. I had drummed before with Paul in 2007, but I’m CHEK Faculty Meeting Drummingguessing that since I began DJing the connection to ‘the beat’ has grown.

I will shortly be buying my own native american drum and will start playing regularly.

As a group we made an amazing sound and I’d love to hear a recording of our sessions. It was an especially amazing sound when Paul asked us to harmonise with the rest of the group.

CHEK Faculty Meeting Rock StackingAnother exercise we did was rock stacking. If you read Paul Chek’s blog, you will know that Paul loves to stack rocks. Rock stacking is like a combination of heavy weight training with active meditation. We were split into groups and each group had to build their own stack. As I was in the early days of rehabilitating my lumbar disc bulges, I was only able to stack the smaller size rocks. It was quite satisfying to see all the stacks still standing a few days later.

Here you can see Paul explaining to us that rock stacking can be very dangerous. He explained that if a rock falls, it can often bounce several feet high and can be moving at high speed. Some of the rocks weighed over 100-200 kilos.

I also had a meeting with Paul and his wife Penny to discuss a project I have been working on for 18 months and I hope to bring you more news on that in the near future.

Until next time…