Last week I taught CHEK Exercise Coach to the first intake of CHEK Europe Academy students.

CHEK EC 08_13CHEK Europe Academy students in year 1 complete CHEK Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, plus a series of workshops throughout the year to prepare them for the courses and to review the information learned on the courses.

As always, the students worked really hard and progressed to a very high level by the end of the week. CHEK Exercise Coach is an intense course, but most things that are worth achieving require a lot of effort to achieve it.

As well as working really hard, we also had a really great time despite my bad jokes!!! The group bonded really well over the year and I’m sure some have made friends for life!

We are returning to Lancashire again next month to review the course and further deepen the level of knowledge taught on the course.

I would like to thank all the students for their great attitude and hard work and to Duncan Reeve for assisting me throughout the week, especially on the final day.