The exercises you are likely to need to rehabilitate an ACL sprain include:


Once the inflammation has ceased, the knee should be gently moved into pain-free ranges of motion to recover the full range of motion of the knee joint and help re-align scar tissue

Any tight muscles around the hip, knee or ankle joints should be stretched within pain-free ranges. These will differ from person to person and can only be decided following a thorough biomechanical evaluation.


Once weight bearing is possible and inflammation has ceased, the following muscles should be strengthened: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and minimus, transversus abdominus and external obliques.

All weak muscles must be identified following a thorough biomechanical evaluation.

Once a corrective exercise phase is completed to improve core stability and muscle balance, strength and then power phases are required along with appropriate plyometric, agility and speed work to prepare the body for your sport before a return to action to avoid injury recurrence.

For more information, you might want to check out my book, “Anatomy of Sports Injuries for Training and Rehabilitation.”