In my previous post, I promised I would outline for you the current programme I am undertaking.

This programme will affectively be weeks 5-8 of the programme . So here it is:

Lumbar Disc Program A2

Lumbar Disc Program B2

Lumbar Disc Program C2

Lumbar Disc Program Periodization2

I am constantly listening to my body to ensure I am not progressing too fast. After each workout, the symptoms caused by the disc bulges have lessened . So far, so good! The programme above has been causing some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which I haven’t felt since this incidence occurred. So there is definitely progress and I will continue to slowly increase the intensity with each week of the programme!

I am being extremely patient with my rehabilitation. As much as I would like to throw weights around, lift heavy and play tennis, it is crucial to lay the foundations first. I am aiming to get back to competitive tennis in April 2014. What is important is that I first focus on flexibility and stability (which I am), then build strength, then and only then build power to achieve end stage rehabilitation.

Watch out for a future update on the rehabilitation of my (not so) bulging discs…