An interesting experience happened to me last year. I had some metal fillings removed in April and begun Bikram Yoga (yoga in a room heated to 41º Celsius) around the same time.
Over the last eight months, I have done nothing else differently other than not having the mercury in my mouth and doing 90 minutes to four and half hours per week of Bikram Yoga. During this time my body fat levels have dropped dramatically.
I have been lifting weights for three to four hours a week for the last 20 years and playing tennis for two to four hours a week for the last 10 years and eating right for my metabolic type® for 12 years. This hadn’t been enough to keep my body fat levels below 10%.
I have slowly been increasing body fat levels for the last eight years or so. Now, as a 44 year old, I am reducing my toxic load and my body fat is literally dropping off me and I can see my six pack again for the first time in years.
All of the advice given above is included in my Lean & Lively Programme in a step by step manner. Not only do you receive all the information you need in the programme, but you also receive the necessary support along the way to ensure you can arrange your lifestyle to be able to make them part of your every day life.
After all, no programme will work if you don’t put it into action, no matter how good it is. The support provided in this programme will make the difference between success and staying the same until next New Year and wishing you had done something about it and therefore, living with regrets.
If you want more information on getting lean, check out the Lean & Lively Programme by clicking here or call our office on 0203 239 2470.