LB-Lumbar-Spine-16613-300x174If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you may remember that I prolapsed two discs in my lumbar spine back in June 2013.

Back in August last year I began blogging about my recovery and I promised I would follow up in the future to keep you posted of my progress. Well, the future is here!

I am really happy to say that I am close to a full recovery. Spinal discs having a very small blood supply do take time to recover. So to be back playing tennis with no adverse effects and to be lifting in the gym at almost my pre-injury weights is very encouraging.

Earlier this year, I had been suffering from cramp in my left leg at night, which would wake me, which I believe was due to the nerve entrapment in my spine caused by the prolapsed discs.

This month, I haven’t experienced the cramp, but I do still have a very tiny amount of numbness in my left foot.

So how have I got to this stage?

I have carried out corrective exercises 4-6 times per week that focussed on improving posture and strengthening the muscles that help to stabilise the spine. In particularly I have worked on strengthening my lumbar erector muscles to take the pressure off my discs and my lumbar multifidus muscles to help stabilise the spine.

After a few months of corrective work, I introduced exercises to help increase muscle mass and to help condition me for tennis.

I have completely avoided yoga as the extreme ranges of motion may have re-torn my discs.

Ensured that I sit with good posture at all times, especially when driving.

I have ensured I get to bed on time (before 10pm) at least 6 days per week to maximise tissue healing.

I have spent more time relaxing and meditating, again to aid recovery.

I have eaten a fully organic diet and stayed well hydrated to ensure my tissues have all the nutrients they need to rebuild stronger than ever.

I have not taken ANY medication (pain killers or anti-inflammatories)

I have NOT had ANY medical intervention or surgery.

Watch out for Part 2 of this post when I will discuss what I think caused my discs to prolapse.

Until next time…