As you will be aware, optimal health and performance cannot be obtained without optimal nutrition.

Optimal nutrition cannot be obtained without optimally produced, high quality foods. These include organic and biodynamic sources of food which have limited use of chemicals in their production, unlike non-organic, which uses huge amounts of petrochemical toxins.

These toxins kill the nutrient producing microorganisms in the soil and deplete the nutrient contents in food.

Then, we still need to consider how to extract the nutrients from our high quality foods.

Here are a few tips:

Eat seated, in a relaxed environment

Ensure you are hydrated prior eating – drink a glass of clean water 15-minutes before eating

Chew all foods until liquidised before swallowing

In addition, we also need adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to further break down the food molecules (after chewing).

We also need adequate levels of enzymes in the small intestine and the right balance of microorganisms in our gut to break down the food molecules even further so they are small enough to be absorbed.

On top of eating a good diet, supplementation can be very useful too.

Ensuring you have enough multi-vitamins and minerals is also essential to assimilate all the nutrients from your food as well as providing assistance to your immune system.

Digestive support to help you break down your food can be supplemented in the form of Betaine HCL (Hydrochloric Acid – which also helps to kill unwanted microorganisms) and Digestive Enzymes.

High quality (uncontaminated) Omega 3 fatty acids can be difficult to obtain in our modern diets and sources such as Wild Salmon can be extremely expensive to purchase on a regular basis. Inadequate intakes of Omega 3 fatty acids can cause systemic inflammation.

Systemic inflammation (is the body’s response to infection to other threats, through the production of white blood cells and other substances), is associated with nearly every chronic disease, from arthritis to Alzheimer’s to autoimmune disorders to gastrointestinal diseases.

Because supplementation can be extremely beneficial, I have begun recommending An ‘Everyday Essentials’ supplementation regime for some of my clients. It includes:

Twice Daily – Mulit-vitamin and Mineral Complex

Betaine HCL


Omega Avail Hi-Po

You can view these supplements in more detail by using the link below:


Eating fermented foods can aid in improving the balance of microorganisms in your gut (which aids digestion). I sometimes suggest supplementing with probiotics, but nearly always after completion of a gastro-intestinal test to find out the balance of gut flora before hand.

Taking a probiotic without knowing the status of you gut flora may cause further imbalance of your gut flora. This is why I test my clients before suggesting any probiotic supplementation.