In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast entitled “Why Yoga & Stretching Is Causing Your Pain,” Yogi Aaron and I discuss the important topics of stretching and yoga, why their concepts are often misunderstood and why in many cases they are used ineffectively, leading to physical pain and injury.

We both discuss our previous lower back injuries that were at least in part caused by yoga and the lessons we both learned.

We also discussed the technical aspects of when and why stretching and yoga can cause pain, and we discussed how Aaron adapts his yoga teachings so that yoga can be performed in the way it was originally intended, which is “to move with least effort” and in way that helps to reduce the likelihood of pain and injury.

We discussed:

  • Aaron’s Yoga Journey
  • How Stretching Causes Harm to the Body
  • Muscle Activation Techniques®
  • A Healthy Way to Stretch
  • The Ultimate Goal of Yoga
  • The Future of Yoga

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