Many of you will be unaware that from the age of 13 or 14, I suffered greatly from acne. Now that may not sound like much to you and you may be thinking, “Well, that happens to teenagers”.

 However, my acne continued all through my twenties and into my thirties. If you haven’t suffered from acne, you probably won’t appreciate how psychologically and emotionally debilitating it is. All through school you get teased. I did, but that wasn’t too bad for me. But once you’re an adult and you’re going for jobs or promotions at work and you’re looking for a new partner or even in a relationship, things get a little challenging to say the least.

Imagine going for a job interview, a job that you know you can do better than anyone else and it’s your dream job. You wake up in the morning with nervous excitement in anticipation of showing them what you offer. Then uh, oh, you feel that feeling. The intense itchiness all over your face and you know what it is. You put your hand up to your face and you feel the big hot bumps. You slowly and nervously walk to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see what has arrived. You look in the mirror and your worst nightmare has appeared on your face, chest and back.

There were a number of times in my twenties that I am sure my skin cost me a new job or promotion.

Imagine going for a night out with bumps on your forehead the size of golf balls and your face looking like a red version of dot to dot! Not exactly confidence building for attracting the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing).

Day after day, you say, “why me, I’m an adult now, this is a child’s problem”?

I visited my Doctor several times as a teenager (and in my twenties) and was given anti-biotics and given advice on cleansers and creams. My Doctor told me, “Acne has nothing to do with diet!” The anti-biotics and the creams actually made my skin worse!

Around the same time, I began having cavities in my teeth, which were filled with mercury amalgam. I had five fillings in total.

So I went through 18 years of not really wanting to show my face anywhere (at least during the bad days).  Then, around ten years ago I found out about food intolerances and metabolic typing® from Paul Chek, the founder of the CHEK Institute during a lecture at Loughborough University.

The following week, I went to see a Chinese Doctor and he tested me for food intolerances. He gave me a list of foods to avoid and he also told me I had a Candida (fungus) overgrowth and advised me to follow an anti-fungal diet. I was also advised to stop using anti-biotics (that my Doctor had been prescribing for 18 years!).

After two weeks my skin cleared up! Why?

Here’s my theory:

The mercury fillings and a less than optimum diet (I thought I was eating healthy) lowered my immunity enough to allow a fungal overgrowth and dysbiosis (bacterial overgrowth) to develop. I ran a number of tests on myself over the last couple of years and indeed fungus and bacteria kept coming up until very recently.

The mercury, fungus and bacteria overloaded my detoxification system. The toxins in my body were backed-up and my body was trying to release them through my skin and viola – acne!

I now eat right for my metabolic type, eat organic, drink nothing but good quality water, avoid foods I am intolerant too and do regular cleanses to keep my detoxification system in good order.

My skin is 99% clear these days and I never have to think or worry about how my skin is going to look. My skin is now the best it has been since before I was a teenager and it’s a real weight off my shoulders. Happy days!

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