Here is Dr. Steele’s suggestion for a good lunch for weight loss:


  • Low calorie soup
  • Lean meat, any amount  Fruit
  • Mixed salad, any amount. Meat and salad can be taken as a sandwich with 2 slices of wholemeal bread
  • Two portions of fresh fruit
  • Tea, herbal tea or coffee

Here are my Comments:

  • If you survive until lunch (after your rabbit size breakfast and low blood sugar), at last you can have some meat.
  • Low-fat soup again runs the risk of raising insulin levels, so when you eat the main meal the calories will go straight into storage in your fat cells!
  • Wholemeal bread is quite an interesting suggestion. In the last two years, every person I have tested has shown a sensitivity to wheat and/or gluten (the protein in most grains). A sensitivity is enough to cause someone to be overweight and totally prevent fat loss! Steak
  • Again the suggestion of lean meat when there is nothing wrong with fat from good quality meats. Many people today will do better and lose more weight on fatty meat than lean meat.
  • Coffee is suggested. Coffee at lunch time will jack the body up (stimulate the sympathetic nervous system) which will put a strain on the hormonal system (hormonal balance is crucial to weight loss).

Stay tuned for the next post when I will discuss Dr. Steele’s recommendations for an evening meal to lose weight…