So you might be wondering (if you read the first two parts of this post), why I suggested balancing steroid hormones, yet I have only mentioned estrogen (the female hormone) so far.

If you were wondering, then it might interest you to know that testosterone (the male hormone) also inhibits LPL on fat cells, especially around the waist.

Bigstockphoto_Fat_Man_Holding_A_Measurement__946311 So when a man’s testosterone levels drop, the ability to store fat, especially around the middle also increases. This is one reason why men over forty often begin to develop the beer belly (even if they don’t drink beer).

So whether you’re male or female, it is important to balance your steroid hormones if you want to lose weight or to stop yourself becoming fat.

Your steroid hormones aren’t all you need to keep in check. Stay tuned to find out more…