If you’ve read my recent blogs, you will know that I recently took the Mediator Release Test to find out what foods my immune system is reacting too and therefore causing internal damage.

Brando's MRT 07_11 Card So I was faced with a few challenges as every body is when required to eliminate certain foods from their diet.

As always, I keep a positive spin on things and initally realised that beef and lettuce would be the main foods that I would need to find alternatives for.

Then I realised that the lamb, chicken and pork burgers that I buy from my local farm all contain pepper. So do all their burgers and sauasages, so they are all out of the question now.

So my challenge is to come up with easy to make snacks. So I first went to my Metabolic Typing┬« Cookbook. Unfortunately, due to my reactive foods, most of the recipes there weren’t able to spark any ideas. As you may of gathered, Gorden Ramsey I ain’t!!!

Then, I turned to a book I have had sitting on my book shelf for some time, “The Primal Blueprint Cookbook” and until now haven’t even opened. I opened the book hoping to perhaps find some recipes for making pate or burgers that do not include my reactive foods and would be easy to make and taste good.

Straight away, I found two recipes for pate that I can use with a little adjustment here and there, woohoo! My plan is to cook some up at the weekend and eat them during the week, saving my time during the week.

I’ll let you know how the pate turns out.

Now, I need to work out how to make some burgers without beef, wheat, onion and black pepper.