On awakening the next morning, I didn’t feel too tired and was fired up for the conference to start.

Paul Chek Presenting Paul Chek opened up proceedings with an emotional presentation entitled “Living the CHEK Lifestyle”. As per usual, Paul entertainingly didn’t start the actual presentation until about 40 minutes in and as usual didn’t manage to stick to the time frame.

Later that morning Paul delivered a workshop entitled “Roll, Wiggle, Crawl and to Walk, Run and Jump Pain Free”. Paul showed how Infant Development exercise can effectively help overcome injuries and general movement dysfunctions.

After lunch I delivered my presentation entitled, “Why Clients Sabotage Their Success and What to Do About It”.  Considering my lack of sleep, I was pretty pleased with how it went.

I finished the afternoon watching Dr. Kenny Sheppard about the NUCCA System of Chiropractic. I have been referring clients for NUCCA Chiropractic for many years, but it was still great to hear one of the best in the business.

That evening I went out to dinner with Duncan Reeve to celebrate his birthday (yes, he is older than me!) along with Brent Meier, Kiwi CHEK Practitioner who lives in L.A. and Brent Martin, CHEK Practitioner and founder of ‘Metabolic Me’.

We played a favourite game of mine when in the USA. I ask the waitress to guess where each of us are from.  Most Americans find it very difficult to place accents outside of North America. I find it very amusing, I don’t know why. Suffice to say, four of them didn’t have a clue, but one waitress was very sharp and got it spot on very quickly.