The following morning after two late nights in a row, I was starting to feel a little jaded and I still had a to give another presentation that day.

Warren & Jade Presenting The day started with Jade Johnson and Warren Williams showing us how Warren had helped to condition Jade from her injuries by focussing on the ‘stabilizer’ muscles of the body and then integrating them with the ‘power’ muscles of the body. There were some great videos of Jade’s training sessions and when they showed a clip of Jade jumping in competition there was a big ‘gasp’ heard around the room.

We all wish Jade well for the Olympics next year and I think all CHEK Practitioners will be willing on Jade no matter which country they are from.

I then attended great presentations by Paul Chek and then by the hilarious JP Sears (your hair was great JP).

I went for lunch with my old buddy and local lad Reed Davis, the Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition who was also speaking at the conference.

Leigh Presenting @ CHEK Conf1 After lunch I delivered my presentation, “How to Set and Raise Your Prices”. A much needed presentation for most health and fitness professionals. I knew studying Business Management at University would come in handy one day!

The rest of the day I saw Dr David Blyweiss present on ‘Food Intolerances and Chronic Degenerative Disease’ and Mark Buckley on ‘How to Qualify a Client for the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press’. Mark gave us an insight into his FMA Strength Training Program, which based on his presentation, I would highly recommend.

Mark also did amazingly well as many of his videos didn’t work properly and as much as you could tell he wanted to kill the AV guys, he managed to deliver all his information without causing any actual bodily harm.

CHEK Gala Dinner That evening was the Gala Dinner to celebrate Paul Chek’s 50th birthday. It was a fantastic event. Great food, great people (including Paul Chek’s sister and son, Paul Jr).  After the meal there were some serious shapes being thrown on the dance floor. As for the DJ, well you can’t have everything!