Last week, I taught CHEK Exercise Coach at The CHEK Europe Headquarters in Mawdesley, Lancashire.

CHEK EC Lancs 2011 I was very fortunate that I had a great group of students who were all highly self-motivated and worked really hard during the week.

I always like to teach in a very relaxed atmosphere and the students managed to survive the week of my banter and jokes. That being said, I always work my students hard.

CHEK EC Lancs Pgn Des1 It is important that my students learn as much as possible about writing exercise programs and I give them all the opportunites possible to improve over the week. This means each night the students work on case studies and receive detailed feedback the next morning.

Each and every student on the course improved greatly over the week.

Each day the students also get the opportunity to practise the techniques taught on postural assessment, measuring spinal angles, mobilizations and stretches, core exercises and conditioning exercises.

CHEK EC Lancs Cond Ex's The course also teaches how to gauge a client’s physical, mental and emotional stressors and how they greatly affect exercise. These are factors not understood by most exercise professionals.

Ultimately, a great time was had by all and all the students now have much more knowledge with which to help their clients.