Darren FletcherIt was anounced this week that Darren Fletcher, the Manchester United and Scotland midefielder has had to take time off due to suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.

Some medical experts have suggested that he might not ever be able to return to top level football with this condition.

As a top international footballer worth millions of pounds, you naturally assume he has the best experts around him to help, right?

Well, my good friend Jade Johnson, an Olympic Long Jumper, thought she had the best team around her before she met the likes of Warren Williams, CHEK Practitioner, Bruce Butler, ART Practitioner, Paul Chek, founder of the CHEK Institute and myself. She now calls us, along with her ‘Jumps’ coach and ‘sprint’ coach, her dream team.

So what’s that got to do with Darren Fletcher. Well, in my clinical experience, a medical approach is not effective at curing ulcerative colitis. It requires a holistic, lifestyle and functional diagnostic nutrition approach.

Acute problems like broken legs and life-threatening conditions require a medical approach. However, chronic conditions, like bowel issues, require a lifestyle approach.

I have worked with many clients with bowel problems including Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis and they are all doing great now. Knowing how to become a Health Detective and finding out the cause of the problem and knowing how to stamp out the causes is the way to go.

Treating the symptoms with medication, in my opinion, means we might never see Darren Fletcher on the football pitch again which would be a shame for him and all footaball fans, especially when there are ways to erradicate the problem naturally without harmful drugs or surgery.