Last week I was fortunate enough to teach an amazing group of students on CHEK Exercise Coach in beautiful Kingston, Surrey.

As often happens on day one, a little panic amongst the group set in as to how they we’re going to survive the week following the first night’s homework.

However, with a lot of hard work, and many hours spent practising physical assessments and writing programs, they all did amazingly well by the end of day 5.

Some in the group are looking to change careers and these guys did a great job keeping up with the rest of class.

I am someone who can spot potential in individuals and I can see some great things ahead for the students of this class. After all, they even managed a week of my (bad) jokes!!!

Emily, the one Aussie in the class may have felt a little left out with Team GB winning so many medals at The Olympics and I have to admit, I thought the Brits in the class were very well behaved and held back on the Aussie-bashing banter.

The week was finished off with the group going out for a lovely meal overlooking the River Thames, which was a stunning view. Whilst the guys clearly worked hard over the week, some were also sad it was over. I hope to see those guys again at some point in the future on another CHEK Advanced Training Program or as part of The CHEK Europe Academy.