On Tuesday evening (UK time) I presented this month’s CHEK Webinar. This month’s webinar was entitled, “Are You Getting to Bed on Time?”

During the webinar I discussed the importance of getting to bed on time with regards to designing exercise programs and for health in general. I discussed the 24 hour day-night cycle and how our hormonal systems are tide in to sunrise and sundown.

The fact that we have artificial lights after sundown was discussed and the affects it has on the hormonal system and how it affects the ability to tolerate exercise and how it increases the likelihood of good health.

At the end of the webinar, I highlighted the important steps regarding how to ensure you not only get enough sleep, but also get to bed on time to increase the tolerance for exercise and improve health.

If you’re not aware, the CHEK Institute hosts a webinar each month and the webinars are presented by Paul Chek or one of the CHEK Faculty. Next month’s webinar is entitled, “Primal PatternĀ® Movements” and will be presented by Paul Chek. If you would like to join us, you can do so by clicking here.