If you follow sport, you would have seen this week that a scandal broke out when an England Cricket player threw a Jelly Bean at the stumps whilst Indian fast bowler Zaheer Khan was batting.

Now I’m not too interested in the Sledging that goes on in cricket, but I am very interested as to why a professional sports person would have Jelly Beans on a sports field.

I am going to make a big assumption here and guess that the Jelly Beans are used as a quick source of energy during a long days play.

I can only make a further assumption that the players (and their support team) are unaware of the huge damage that processed sugar does to the body.

Below I have listed just a few:

  1. Suppression of the immune system which will make illness more likely
  2. An increase in adrenaline, anxiety and difficulty in concentrating which would reduce performance
  3. A loss of tissue elasticity and function which can lead to injury and/or lack of performance
  4. A reactive hypoglycemia which will reduce performance

I could go on and on. What is essential if you play any sport and you want to achieve optimum performanceis to eat right for your metabolic type and avoid such dangerous performance lowering foods.

Bon appetite!