In this post, I will explain some of the techniques that I have used to help improve people’s mood.

In essence, I help people’s bodies, physically, mentally and emotionally achieve their optimum. If you have optimum mental and emotional states then you will not have depression.

I have helped a number of people overcome depression by teaching them to:

  1. Set realistic personal and professional goals
  2. Breathe correctly
  3. Hydrate properly
  4. Eat right for their metabolic type
  5. Exercise in accordance with their stress levels and
  6. Get to bed by 10-10.30pm and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

These lifestyle changes are similar to how we have survived for thousands of years. It’s amazing how effective these simple changes are and without any negative side effects. Even people who have come to me without depression have improved their mood dramatically by following the above principles on a consistent basis.

Metabolic Typing on it’s own can be very effective. When you consider that eating right for your type helps to balance neuro transmitters in the brain, it’s not too difficult to see how it can help.