An NHS Trust could face criminal charges for its role in the highest ever number of recorded deaths from the clostridium difficile superbug.

In just a few months, more than 300 people died while infected with the deadly C diff bug in outbreaks across three hospitals.

Healthcare Commission study found “significant failings” at all levels of management.

The report blamed inadequate staffing, dirty wards and too much time spent on meeting Government targets.

More than 1,000 patients were infected with the bug across the three hospitals, and a total of 345 patients died while being infected with C diff.

Of these, around 21 definitely died because of it, and 69 probably had C diff as their main cause of death.

So my question is, is the NHS under funded are over burdened? The NHS is the biggest employer in the UK by far and receives huge taxes from us the tax payer. My view is that the NHS is over burdened and poorly managed, not necessarily under funded.

I also think the whole concept of the NHS and ‘free’ health care is a paradigm we have to change if we are to improve the health of our nation.

After all, our health should improve when we receive care, not be killed in the process.

Stay tuned next time to find out what is required…