With people going into hospital to improve their health and dying in the process, something needs to change. So what can be done?

The only way to go is to take responsibility for our own health and leave the NHS to care for emergencies only, e.g. road traffic accidents, heart attacks, births and congenital issues like Spina Bifida.

Chronic problems such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc should be dealt with through lifestyle change and functional medicine, not drugs and surgery with no follow up care and no investigation to the causes of the problems. If people want emergency care for chronic problems, they should have to pay for it.

Drinking lots of good quality water, eating organic food right for your metabolic type, getting plenty of movement each day and getting to bed by 10pm each evening will go along way to achieve great health. There are many practitioners around now that can advise you too.

But what politicians will be brave enough to put health before finance? What would you rather have health or money? You can’t spend money when your body is no more. I wonder if we will ever see the day when the majority of people in the western world are in good health. It is possible, but are there any smart, brave politicians out there who understand this and can make this happen?