To improve the public’s health and eradicate obesity, drastic measures are required.

We need to tackle this challenge from 2 view points:

  • Legislation and Taxation
  • Education and Responsibility.

Here are my suggestions on Legislation and Taxation:

  • All farmers should be given subsidies to produce organic produce to improve the nutrient content of the food through better and more sustainable soil.
  • All agrochemicals should be banned from use in the UK
  • All produce imported that can contain non-organic produce should include tax at a similar rate to fossil fuels.
  • The following produce should also include a tax at similar rate to fossil fuels:
    • Processed sugar, grains and salt, pasteurised dairy and any foods containing soy or trans fats
  • Any nutritional research should not be allowed to be funded by food manufacturers.
  • The NHS should be split into two departments:
    • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
    • Health Enhancement Educational Services (HEES)
  • The EMS would include pathology, pharmacology, surgery, child birth and Emergency Room facilities.  It would also include cover for congenital problems such as Spina Bifida, Type I Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy etc.
  • The HEES would look after modern day problems such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, ADHD etc.
  • The EMS would be funded by government and the HEES would be payable by the public (except those on benefits). This will make the public think more about their health and the consequences of their lifestyle in later life.
  • The HEES would include G.P.s who would require re-training in nutrition and holistic lifestyle coaching. The HEES would incorporate existing NHS staff and existing complimentary therapy practitioners. All registered HEES practitioners would have to be affective in their jobs to be successful in a business sense, i.e. no results = no payment. Practitioners would be financially successful only if their clients’ health improved.

Tune in  next time to find out my suggestions on Education & Responsibility…