In this final post on Fat Britain I have included my suggestions on Education & Responsibility required to achieve a healthy and slim population:

  • The truth around health needs to told! All modern day diseases are preventable and treatable through lifestyle.
  • We need to educate the public of how the human race survived and thrived for millions of years.
  • This would include teaching the Foundation of Health Principles.
  • The works of Weston A Price, Francis M Pottinger, William Wolcott, Sally Fallon and Paul Chek need to form the basis of educating the public of the truth.
  • Responsibility has to be given back to the public by making them financially responsible for their health. If people choose to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, they will have to face the consequences. After all, we have a drastic situation on our hands.
  • Following a 10 year transition period, people contracting degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease or obesity should pay for education on lifestyle factors from a trained practitioner. If however, it is felt that someone has less than 12 months to live, they can be referred to the EMS for treatment. The treatment would then be followed up by education from the HEES to avoid a recurrence of the problem.
  • Anyone returning to the EMS more than 3 times because of obesity would have to pay for their treatment.
  • Children need to start every day at school with 30-60 minutes of tai chi, qi gong or yoga. There should be an additional 60 minutes every day of active movement. This hour should be a choice between competitive sport and non-competitive activity.
  • All food fed to children in schools should be whole organic, non-processed with a high proportion of animal fat and protein with a little above ground vegetables.

This is drastic and some would say radical. Some may even say unfair. Drastic measures are required and we need to get back living ‘naturally’, the way we have survived for millions of years without obesity, cancer and heart disease.

Before 1910, most people died of infectious disease or starvation. Due to knowledge on sanitation, medical drugs and farming, these problems have been almost eradicated in western societies since then.

Since 1910, modern chronic degenerative diseases have become the main killers and are completely caused by modern lifestyle. People have to take individual responsibility and governments have to become a major catalyst in enabling that to happen.

This is achievable if we really want it to be.