Christmas can be a time where we over indulge and eat too much of the naughty stuff.

This does not mean however, that we cannot remain active over the Christmas period.

It is possible to stay active over the festive period and I have listed possible options for everyone, young and old. So, there are no more excuses.

Choose at least 2 activities and give them a go. You’ll be surprised how fun they are and how good you’ll feel afterwards.

I am fortunate enough to have experienced Christmas in both hemispheres of the world:

Depending on where you live in the world may well determine what you can do to keep active over the Christmas period. I have listed a number of ideas for you to choose from:

1. The first thing to bear in mind is to wrap up warm if you are going outside. Wear a number of layers and if you get hot, you can take off one layer at a time.

2. If you are fortunate to have snow over Christmas, there is lots of fun to be had by all the family. You can build a snow man, have snow-ball fights, or find a small incline or hill and use your imagination to make a sleigh to slide down the hill.

3. Walking back up a snowy hill is good exercise too.

4. Of course you can decide to go on a skiing or snowboarding holiday. It’s great to go with friends, as a couple or as a family.

5. If you live in a cold climate, but have no snow, there is still much to do.

6. Many bicycles are purchased as Christmas presents. Why not go for a nice long bike ride in the crisp air, you soon warm up once you get going. If you have purchased bikes for your children, teaching them to ride the bike should keep you fit and warm running along next to them. Alternatively go cycling with the children. If you do not have a bicycle, you can always hire one for the day.

7. In England and most of Europe many footballs (soccer balls) will be bought as Christmas presents.  Why not challenge your neighbours to a match in the local park? You may need to switch goalkeepers regularly to stop them becoming too cold (or play Rush Goalie).

8. You can also go for a run in the local park or countryside. Going out in the daytime is ideal to gain some valuable benefits of sunlight such as Vitamin D and avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome.

9. If you go for a run in the dark ensure you take a buddy with you for safety, especially if you are female. It is also prudent to wear reflective clothing if you are running any where near road traffic.

10. Swimming is a great activity anytime time of year with indoor heated pools. Whether you swim lengths for a good workout or have a good splash around with your children, both will work off those excess calories consumed on Christmas Day.

11. Don’t forget most gyms and health clubs will be open over the holiday period. A resistance training workout will help to elevate your metabolic rate and help reduce the excesses from Christmas.

12. In England we have January Sales in the shops. Why not go out and spend a day walking around the shops, buying lots of new things (healthy of course). Carrying your purchases with you all day will add to your energy expenditure. This can be exhausting and it’s great to arrive home at the end of the day sit down and have a nice warm drink.

13. How about a museum or art gallery if the January Sales are not for you?

14. Many people who live in Cities never visit the tourist attractions of their own amazing city. There is so much to explore.

Have a happy, healthy and fun Festive Period!