I am currently in Barcelona enjoying my holiday and particularly enjoying the food. Yesterday I ate at 2 amazing restaurants. I had the best sausage, steak, tuna and chicken I have ever tasted!

As you may be aware Spain is famous for tapas. Everywhere you go (well almost) you can get great meat dishes which is great if you are a Protein Type (click here for more details about metabolic types). In fact, about 90% of people I test are protein types. Barcelona is a great place to visit and stay healthy as long as you can avoid the cigarette smoke (smoking is still allowed in most places).

One observation I have made is that there are very few overweight people. Almost everyone looks to be a ‘normal’ size and weight. Whilst the locals do eat a little bread and pasta, they do not over consume them like we do in the UK.

My guess is, that the high fat, high protein diet with a little carbohydrate here and there helps the locals to stay lean and trim all year round. Oh, and the architecture is amazing too!