Hundreds of thousands of people have been struck down by a highly infectious stomach bug that swept the UK during the holiday period.

According to The Royal College of General Practitioners, 100,000 people a week caught the norovirus bug, which causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

So is it down to luck whether you catch such a bug or can you help to protect yourself? Louis Pasteur the father of pasteurisation initially believed the ‘germ’ to be everything (germ theory). However, not long before he died he realised that ‘the terrain was everything’. Unfortunately, our health service still believes the germ theory to be true.

What Pasteur realised many years ago was that we come under attack from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites all day everyday. However, we don’t always get sick. The deciding factor is whether our internal ‘terrain’ is healthy enough to fight off the bugs. For instance, I often see people around me going down like flies with colds and flu’s this time of year, but it never affects me.

So here are a few tips if you wish to keep the bugs at bay:

  1. Eat organic naturally fed meats and fish (not commercially farmed)
  2. Eat organic vegetables
  3. Avoid all processed foods
  4. Cook pork and poultry thoroughly
  5. Avoid simple sugars and processed grains
  6. Minimise alcohol consumption
  7. Take a good pro-biotic like Rejuviflora orĀ In-Liven.
  8. Drink a minimum of 0.033 litres of of good quality water per kilogramme of body weight per day. Good waters include reverse osmosis filtered water, Evian or Vittel.
  9. Get to bed by 10.30 and sleep for at least 8 hours each evening in a fully darkened room.
  10. Get regular exercise, but you should not feel drained at the end of a session. If you are you are exercising too hard.

Many of my clients have put these tips into practise and noticed that they are much less likely to become unwell as well as reducing body fat, increasing energy, mood and work or sports performance.

Until next time!