Evening meal 

  • Any amount of fish or meat of your choice
  • Any amount of two fresh vegetables  Fruit & Veg
  • One baked potato or a small helping of boiled potatoes or a small helping of boiled rice or a small helping of pasta
  • Fresh fruit or low fat fruit yoghurt
  • Tea, herbal tea or coffee

Here are my Comments:

  • These are the most sensible recommendations. However, rice and potatoes again, might lead to the release of too much insulin and help to store the calories as fat.
  • Coffee at evening meal time is asking for trouble if you want to lose weight. The half-life of caffeine Bigstockphoto_Cup_Of_Coffee_211915
    will mean that your body will be jacked-up well into the night and affect sleep. Good quality sleep is crucial to hormone balance, maintenance of muscle tissue and metabolic rate.

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