Edinburgh_016_1Last weekend saw me fly to Edinburgh to teach my 2 day workshop entitled “Understanding The Core” to a team of personal trainers at the Virgin Active Health Club (previously the Holmes Place Health Club). There is quite a buzz in the industry around ‘the core’. However, it is often misunderstood. This workshop helps fitness professionals to gain a much better and more detailed understanding of the core and how to test and train it effectively.

As a former trainer at The Holmes Place Academy I had taught many courses there previously and it was great to see many of the guys I had previously taught were still there. It was also great to see how well they doing. Despite a bit of a temperature shock in Edinburgh, the weekend was very enjoyable.

The students all seemed to enjoy the workshop as much as I did teaching it. I was very flattered that most of the team abstained from there usual weekend boozy late nights in order to be in top form for the workshop. However, one participant who shall remain name-less didn’t manage to abstain. I managed to capture a picture of him asleep when he was supposed to be taking his exam. I must state he did manage to compose himself and manage to score 100%.

Edinburgh_015_1The students all performed really well and picked up all the essential points really well throughout the 2 days. It’s very rewarding for me to help personal trainers become better equipped to help the general public.