Hi Everyone,

I am now back in the UK and can honestly say I had the best time completing the CHEK Level 4 Certification at the CHEK Institute in Vista, California.

Leigh_and_gangIt’s amazing that you can be on one of the most comprehensive courses in the world and have so much fun. We covered Non-violent Communication, Sound Healing techniques, Organ Mapping, Infant Development, Belief Systems and faulty God Models to name but a few.

The rest of the group were amazing people too. You can see me pictured with my new buddies, Michael Jocson from New York and Greg Muller from Auckland, New Zealand.

It has to be said that Paul Chek is an amazing person and without doubt a genius. His mother Meera taught us the non-violent communication and was excellent. Even Lance the Chef was fantastic. He made sure we were fed with all the best organic food in accordance with our metabolic type.

Stay tuned for more information on CHEK Level 4.