If you play any kind of active or competitive sport, your physical and mental preparation is crucial for success and injury prevention.

But where do you start in your preparation? Dependant on your sport, you will need to know where you are compared to where you want and need to be. For instance, if your sport requires good flexibility, stability and strength, excellent power, speed and agility, yet moderate aerobic capacity, you will know where you need to be.

You will also need to know what your levels are in each of these areas. Once you have rated yourself against these qualities you can prioritize which areas you need to focus on. This process is known as a Biomotor Ability Analysis which I use with all my athletes.

In addition, to Biomotor abilities, it’s also crucial to set training and performance goals in the short, medium and long term. This helps increase motivation giving you something to aim for or as Stephen Covey describes it, “Beginning with the end in mind.”

Tune in next time to find out how to structure your training plan for optimal performance and injury prevention.