As I described in Part 1, you need to complete a Biomotor Ability Analysis and set training and performance goals before embarking on your training plan.

So once you have completed your Biomotor ability analysis, you can now focus on the training plan.Preparing your body for sport is analogous to building a skyscraper. The better an athlete you wish to be the bigger the skyscraper.

To build a tall skyscraper, you’ll need very big foundations because exercise to the body is analogous with earthquakes to buildings. So if you don’t build a solid foundation, not only will you not perform to your potential, but injury is a matter of when not if.

So when I work with athletes, the foundations are ensuring that adequate flexibility, joint stability and core conditioning are in place before moving on. Then as required by the sport, endurance, muscle gain, strength, power, speed and agility and addressed in that order.

Each area of development will be worked on for 3 to 6 weeks dependent on the experience and conditioning of the athlete and the priority based on the Biomotor ability analysis.

Watch out for a future issue when I will show you how to assess your own Biomotor abilities.