Today I am feeling very excited. Tonight I am attending an expert symposium on back pain entitled Who Owns Low Back Pain? I am a little sad I know!

The expert panel consists of my good friend and amazing teacher Paul Chek, world renowned physiotherapist Diane Lee, Lynn MacTaggart author of ‘The Field’,┬áRobin Kirk, Osteopath and Principal of the London School of Osteopathy, Colin Natali, orthopaedic surgeon, Alan Jordan PhD, Chiropractor and former associate professor of research at University of Southern Denmark.

Each speaker will get 20 miuntes to give their views on the causes and solutions to back pain.

The 700 seat auditorium will be sold out. The event is being filmed and will be available on DVD.

It will also be a great opportunity to catch up with some good buddys of mine who I haven’t seen for a while too.

I’ll update you with the main points from the evening very soon. So stay tuned.