According to Reuters, researchers have produced the first clear evidence for a gene common in the population that dictates why some people gain weight while others do not.

They found the gene, called FTO, by studying nearly 39,000 white Europeans in a finding they hope can lead to new ways to fight this growing global health problem.

My question is, why are scientists looking for new ways to fight obesity when humans have lived on this planet for well over 2 million years without being overweight? Why not just look at what we were doing prior to the twentieth century when obesity rarely existed?

If being overweight is down to genetics, then why weren’t our ancestors who passed us their genes overweight too? It is believed that it takes 100,000 years to change the human genome 0.01%. So in effect, our genes haven’t changed since the Ice Age.

Being overweight is a symptom. Symptoms are purposeful. They tell you that there are imbalances in your body that require addressing. Ignore the symptoms and they turn into dieases.

Obesity is not a gene problem, it is a modern lifestyle problem.Stay tuned to find out how I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight and prevent it from coming back.