Last time, I mentioned that scientists had found the fat Gene. In reality being overweight is not a genetic problem, it is a lifestyle problem.

Being overweight is your body’s way of pointing out to you that your health is under threat and you need to do something to put it right. It is well documented that being overweight is linked to many illnesses and diseases.

In essence, to help people lose weight, all I do is help them to optimise their health. I do this by coaching my clients to build the Foundations of Health. This includes thinking positive thoughts and setting SMART goals, teaching people how to breathe correctly, making sure they are well hydrated, eating right for their metabolic type, exercising in the right way for them and getting enough sleep.

I also come across people who know what they have to do yet don’t do it or they start doing well then sabotage their efforts. This is often an emotional issue relating back to childhood. For these types of clients I have a number of techniques I use including sound and colour therapy and BodyTalk. Each of these techniques can free the person of the trapped emotion and overcome their self sabotage.

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