In my last post I indicated the potential benefits of using Olympic Weight Lifting to improve performance. But how can you incorporate it into your exercise programme?

Without question, you need to learn proper technique from a properly qualified person in Olympic Lifting. Most exercise courses do not teach Olympic Lifting, so most exercise professional are not qualified to teach these lifts. There are some good books out there that can help you with technique, but it is important to receive feedback on your technique, so you can perfect it.

By using perfect technique, you will minimise injuries and maximise the amount of weight you can lift.

So if we now assume you have good technique, how do you incorporate the lifts into your training? Initially, you need to ensure that your posture is good and your core muscles are working effectively. This may require corrective exercises or what is also called an anatomical adaptation phase of training. The next stage would be to begin learning the lifts using a very light weight. You can use a broom stick or an empty Olympic Bar.

Once you have perfected technique, weight can be progressively added. You would want to begin with a strength training phase, then a power/speed phase. Training phases should be correctly periodized through the year and I will cover periodization in detail in a future post.

Until then, happy lifting! As they say on Soccer AM, Go Big, or Go Home!