You may have heard on the news today about the 7/7 bombers in London and how they used fertiliser to build bombs. Well, what has that got to do with health I here you say?

It is interesting that fertiliser may be used for making bombs as it originally began life as gun powder. The reason NPK fertiliser is used today in farming is down to the US and UK governments. Following World War I, these governments had a surplus of gun powder and didn’t know what to do with it.

Their solution was to use it to fertilise crops. Almost 90 years on, we now have very little fertile soil anywhere in the world, the lowest quality of food ever seen in history and the highest level of degenerative disease ever seen.

Organic farming uses the age old Closed Organic Cycle which relies on micro-organisms in the soil to feed plants, the plants full of nutrients then feeds animals. Carnivorous animals eat other animals and humans eat plants and animals. The plants, animals and humans eventually die and feed the micro-organisms and the cycle continues.

With chemical fertilisation, the micro-organisms are killed and the nutrients in the plants are minimal which affects the whole closed organic cycle. So if you want to be healthy, feel great and perform at your best, soil association approved organic food is the only way to go.

Bon appetite!