For most people most of the time, we don’t think of ourselves as being unwell.

However, for most people these very few of us feel like we are running at 100%. Many people always feel tired, have low energy, can’t concentrate, maybe have a skin or stomach problem, hay fever or are a little overweight.

All of these symptoms are a way for your body to tell you that something isn’t right on the inside. Whenever I begin with a client, I get them to complete very detailed and thorough questionnaires to give me an idea of the status of the body’s systems. I also use simple yet highly scientific and cutting edge lab testing using the best labs in the United States.

These lab tests can discover reasons why the above symptoms maybe being experienced. Very commonly these days I find fungal infections, parasites, too much unfriendly bacteria, not enough good bacteria, low immune function, hormonal imbalances and food intolerances in my clients. Once a test has been completed and analysed, I then use the test results to advise on an appropriate protocol to re-balance the internal environment of the body and eliminate the symptoms.

Stay tuned to find out what can be done if you have any of these conditions…