In my last post, I described how you need to get healthy on the inside to achieve optimal health and bodily function.

I also described how I use detailed questionnaires and lab testing to find out what may need to be addressed in the body. So what might you have to do if you are currently experiencing symptoms or not running at full throttle?

What I do with my clients is to teach them how to incorporate the Foundations of Health Principles into their daily life. This includes positive thinking, correct breathing, proper hydration, eating right for their metabolic type, exercising correctly and optimising their sleep/wake cycle.

Following analysis of health questionnaires and lab tests I may advise the use of some dietary supplements, tinctures, essential oils and internal cleanses to get the body back to functioning at its best. It’s a little bit like a full service for your car, cleaning out the filters, changing the spark plugs, brakes and oil etc.

The results can be startling! Having helped people overcome problems such as malaria, dysentery, encephalitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, acne, obesity and depression using these techniques, it’s amazing how the NHS are still using allopathic medicine to fight these problems with little to no success.