It was revealed this week, that the NHS fear that they will not be able to provide everyone with cancer the necessary drugs they need to keep them alive. This is due to the cost implications of buying the drugs with more and more cases of cancer and newer more expensive treatments.

This I find very interesting. These drugs have been shown not to work in 25% of cases and there are many non medical approaches to treating cancer that have in many cases been shown to be more effective. Some examples include nutritional therapies andĀ The BodyTalk System.

I also find it interesting that the NHS is only looking at treating cancer and not preventing it in the first place which would cost a fraction of paying for the drugs. Now, it isn’t just a an NHS problem, it is also a governmental problem. Whilst the government are more concerned about the economy than health, these issues will continue.

If the government really wanted to reduce the amount of cancer, there are some relatively easy solutions they could introduce. They could put huge levies on processed foods and foods produced using agro chemicals like fertilisers. The government could abandon the poor information given on nutrition and start teaching people how to eat properly for theirĀ metabolic type.

More can be done eliminate toxins in the environment such as banning many unnecessary substances in toiletries and make up such as sodium laureth sulphate, lead and aluminium. The government could also admit that chlorine and fluoride in tap water in toxic and the treatment of water does not kill all the harmful bacteria and parasites.

If you want to avoid cancer in future years, eat a 100% organic diet that is right for your metabolic type, drink clean water, only use organic toiletries, reduce your environmental toxins, make enough time for exercise and relaxation each week and ensure you get 8 hours sleep per night.